Sebastian Alvarado, PhD


The focus of Sebastian’s research has given him an extensive background on environment-gene (epigenetics) interactions and how they play important roles in the progression of cancer. He has applied his knowledge into exploring the role epigenetics plays in caste determination in ants, hibernation in squirrels, molecular signatures of chronic pain, and social dominance in cichlids. As an avid gamer and well read comic book enthusiast, his interest in how science is portrayed in popular media lead him to the foundation of Thwacke consulting. He enjoys being Batman in Arkham Asylum and blowing up friends in Bomberman.

Sebastian has worked in the private biotech sector at Bioren, Protelix, and Iogen for 4 years before pursuing an academic career in graduate studies. Having recently finished his PhD at McGill, he is now a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford.



Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Biology, Stanford University

Expertise and interests:
Genetics, Epigenetics, Biotechnology, Sociobiology and Evolutionary Biology

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