World War Machine

In 2013, Indie developer Tuque Games charged Thwacke with rationalizing a post-human future in World War Machine. This action-RPG, set in the distant future, experienced a cataclysm which eliminated all organic life  leaving a disarray of broken human consciousnesses uploaded to machines.
Thwacke brought in experts from aerospace defense and  nanotechnology to provide pre-production consultation on world building, narrative, and gameplay features. We helped developers address issues related to harvesting materials in the field to upgrade and power-up the player’s mech. Our contributions were implemented into a crafting system that uses smart metamaterials and  satellite-based weaponry, thus further building on Tuque Games’ game design.
This collaboration was further used to build on the visibility of World War Machine with press in Kotaku and developer blog entries.

Client: Tuque Games Inc.

Date: January 2013

Categories: Creative, Design, Development