What goes into making an award winning horror game? The Montreal-based developer, Red Barrels, certainly seems to have the answer to this question following the critical success of Outlast and the imminent release of Outlast 2.
Based in a fictional asylum in Colorado, the story follows an investigative reporter as he navigates his way through an asylum for the criminally insane. Thwacke worked with lead writer and artists to reliably portray details including general scientific laboratory layout/equipment, profiles of the inmates in the asylum, psychiatrist’s reports, as well as to aid in crafting the overall science fiction portrayed in Outlast . Lending our expertise in psychiatry, physiology, nanotechnology, and criminology, we helped Red Barrels achieve the balance between artistic freedom and scientific depiction of life inside an asylum.

Client: Red Barrels Inc.

Date: November 2012

Categories: Creative, Development

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