We're the science behind your fiction.

We are Thwacke!

We are a consulting firm for the entertainment industry. We invigorate creative brands with the latest in science and technology.

What do we do?

We make your creations smart and plausible.

We work from script-to-set to engage audiences with memorable experiences imbued with tomorrow’s scientific advances. We skip the jargon and communicate concise plausible technologies that complement your creative vision .
We help teams make design and narrative choices that give the player purpose in your game. Whether this speculates a post apocalyptic future or explores the neuroscience of a player’s choice is up to you.
Connect and communicate any discipline to all ages with an engaging educational message. As educators we will bring plausibility to your fiction or enhance your knowledgebase with the next wave of science and technology.

Our Agency in numbers

Read Comic Books
Hardcore Gamers
Researchers with Ph.Ds
Can explain their field to a child

The more grounded it is, the more believable the world we’re building will be.

- Philippe Morin, Red Barrels Games -

Our Team

We hail from the best institutes in the world, enabling us with cutting-edge ideas, before they reach publication.

Our founders

Maral Tajerian, PhD
Sebastian Alvarado, PhD

Our alma maters

Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction…

Brian Fargo

CEO at InXile

Our Services

We tailor our services to every client’s need. Our clientele have variable needs, so we encourage you to contact us with your curiosities. Here are just a few examples of how we work:

Our team is made of many faculty members with extensive experience as lecturers and educators. You pick the discipline and we bring in the prof!

We Offer
    • Suited for all audiences
    • Tailored to your creative needs
    • Interactive with extensive Q and A

We prepare white papers that align science with any crazy idea you may have. Try us, we love the challenge.

We Offer
    • Detailed research
    • Visual aids
    • Iterative follow-up
Public relations

Our work for you is equally important for our own research and for the public.  Be recognized for bringing in the smartest people behind your creative brands.

We Offer
    • Institutionally backed PR
    • Research/brand co-publication
    • Science Outreach

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Our Work

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